Viability Study


A viability study provides an assessment of current and recent programs with an eye to program models, as well as the goals and outcomes.  Current and recent services and amenities are reviewed.  Marketing strategies and tactics are examined with regard to their ability to reach fiscal objectives and missional goals.

A baseline profile of activity is arrived at through the analysis of the participation data of campers and guest groups.  Statistical tools reveal trends, and Geographic Information Systems (Location Analytics) help in mapping participants.

A financial analysis is performed in areas of operations, major maintenance, donations, and capital improvements.  There is a review of administrative practices and data systems, in terms of best practices and their capacity to support future fiscal and missional goals.

The rate structure is examined in relation to direct costs and fixed expenses.  Potential vulnerabilities are noted in relation to the business model for operations, major maintenance, and capital improvements.  A growth in giving analysis is applied to donor and donation data.

Conclusions and recommendations are made for the viable strategic direction of the ministry, with implications for staffing and governance, as well as data systems.  An implementation plan to realize the proposed strategic direction is provided.