About Us

Run River Enterprises specializes in providing camps, retreat/conference centers, churches, and similar nonprofit organizations with spiritually based services in areas of strategic endeavor.

We work with you to create:

Run River projects are characterized by uncompromising commitment to your mission, skilled analysis, innovative ideas, and detailed plans for moving forward.  We believe:

  • in the work of a planning team;
  • in collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking as essential to a healthy process;
  • it is necessary for any planning process to contain the seeds and source of its implementation;
  • the values of the organization you choose to work with are as critical to the success of your project as your own values.

We hold the trust you place in us in highest regard, and consider it an honor to become partners with you as you plan for the future.

Purpose, Vision, Values

Our Purpose One of the most important things we can tell you about our work is that we believe the purpose of all that we do is to tell the story of God’s Love, and Read More

Meet our Team

Run River has provided nationally recognized leadership in camp and conference/retreat ministries for two decades.  We bring a skilled, dedicated and experienced team to every project.  At the center of all we do is an Read More


What services does Run River offer? Run River specializes in offering support for strategic projects, such as Master Planning, Marketing, Fund Development, and Organizational Development.  Each project is designed specifically for the organization involved and Read More

Our Current Projects

Traveling to and from our current projects may bring us close to you.  If it’s helpful for us to stop by your site or office, we are always happy to do so.  We welcome the Read More

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