Purpose, Vision, Values

Our Purpose

One of the most important things we can tell you about our work is that we believe the purpose of all that we do is to tell the story of God’s Love, and to help others to bear the news of God’s Love to the world.

Our Vision

The vision that drives Run River is the conviction that we cannot be the church God is calling us to be without the work of camp and retreat/conference center ministries. These ministries uniquely hold in trust part of what it means to be the church.

While the work of camp and conference/retreat center ministries is increasingly essential for the church and for the world, it is also increasingly complex and challenging work. It requires strategies that are focused, robust, creative, and faithful.

Our Values

Run River is committed to:

  • Community – The ability to live in community, to be able to place the good of the whole above our individual good, is essential for children, youth and adults.  Community is strengthened by diversity and deepened through extending hospitality.
  • Care for the Earth – Care for the earth is an act of worship, which is essential to our faith. We strive to become increasingly faithful stewards. The property around our home/office is a Certified Wildlife Habitat, we support the protection of endangered species, and practice recycling.
  • Process – The way we arrive at conclusions and reach decisions is as important as the end result. We lead groups in convergence thinking and in consensus decision making.
  • Integrity – We believe all aspects of our organization, and yours, should arise from a deeply ingrained mission and cohesive identity. That mission and identity will be a part of everything we do.
  • Teamwork – We believe that the decisions of a group, properly developed, are stronger than the decisions of any one person, and that individuals should be affirmed and strengthened through group process.  Forming a team requires intentionality and commitment.