Services We Offer

Strategic, focused, integrated

Our services for organizations typically fall into one of four broad areas:

  • strategic planning (master and core process);
  • growth and sustainability (business and marketing plans);
  • resource development (funding and volunteers);
  • increasing organizational capacity.

Strategic planning projects encompass multiple areas of your organization: mission & vision, program, marketing, organizational capacity, and site & facilities.   These are comprehensive projects resulting in long term plans that will reliably guide your organization for years to come.

Often, an organization is facing some immediate questions and urgent issues, such as a financial crisis or an urgent facility question.  However, when we address immediate issues, we do so from the vantage point of the “long view.”  We help ministries develop clear, long term, and strategic goals which serve their mission and realize their vision.   Then we develop concrete steps to accomplish those goals.  Achieving long term goals requires an integrated approach across multiple systems.

Your organization may be ready for growth and have a clear vision for its future with specific plans.  In order to move forward with those plans, however, your organization may require support for developing the resources, or support to grow as an organization.  Having sufficient resources and capacity as an organization to accomplish your dreams is key to insuring that they become reality.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning guides a group in thoroughly examining its current and past operation, evaluating its effectiveness in light of its mission, setting significant goals for the future, and developing specific plans to achieve those goals. Read More

Resource Development

The ability to engage, retain, and grow donors and volunteers is vitally important to your mission and to those you serve!  Your mission depends upon an organized and proactive approach to attracting the necessary resources Read More

Creating Growth and Sustainability

Your organization is a complex system of programs and services, revenue and expense, costs and rates, relationships and resources.  These interact in dynamic ways and should form the base of a stable and secure operation. Sometimes an organization Read More

Increasing Organizational Capacity

Realize your Potential Your organization has a lot of good work to do!  You have a great mission, an inspiring vision and so much to offer.  A lot depends upon the ability of your organization Read More

Custom Projects

Is your situation somewhat unique? Each project we do is designed for the particular ministry and its needs.  Most projects fall into the basic frameworks described above.  Sometimes, however, the needs of an organization are Read More