1. What services does Run River offer?

Run River specializes in offering support for strategic projects, such as Master Planning, Marketing, Fund Development, and Organizational Development.  Each project is designed specifically for the organization involved and its particular needs.  Our website describes our typical approaches to projects, but we welcome the chance to custom design a process specifically to serve your ministry.

  1. What do you charge?

Fees are based upon an estimate of the time involved in the project and any other fees for work by subcontractors (such as graphic designers).  We offer a set price for a project and place a cap on expenses.  We try to work with an organization to find payment arrangements that work for everyone involved.  We can help you try to find sponsors or donors to fund your project as well.  We have provided support for organizations that seek grant funding for projects and have met with potential donors.

  1. How soon can we start a project?

Most projects require a lead time of 6-8 weeks.  However, we try to be flexible and sometimes have openings in our calendar more quickly than that.

  1. Are you available to come and meet with our Board and Staff?

We welcome the opportunity to meet with the leadership of an organization in the process of developing a proposal.  We consider this development process a collaborative one in which the best approach and combination of services is worked out.  There is no charge to your organization for this initial meeting.

  1. When is the best time to do a Master Plan?

A Master Plan can begin at any time.  The late winter / early spring is often an ideal time to begin as it allows the process to naturally span a summer, which is often a critical time to observe a ministry “in action.”  However, planning can also be divided into phases, which allows for flexibility in scheduling.

  1. Why should we choose Run River as a consultant organization?

We believe that we are unique in several ways.  First we tailor each process to your situation.  Projects are developed to reflect the character and circumstances of your organization.  Secondly, we bring together a unique set of skills in data analysis, group process, and creative thinking, as well as a faith foundation.  Finally, we develop a thorough implementation plan for your project.