Data-based Marketing

You want to serve more people

There are many definitions of marketing, but we think of marketing as everything you do to invite persons to participate in your mission!  More precisely, it is the systematic and sustained work of inviting persons to connect with, and join more deeply with, your organization as program participants, donors, and volunteers.

Marketing is evaluated through two perspectives: “Does it produce the volume of activity that is financially necessary?” and “Does it produce the type of activity that is missionally necessary?”

You need a plan that is “data based and goal driven”©

Our marketing plans are “data based and goal driven.”©  Plans are based on data and the analysis of that data in order to understand who is and who is not currently participating.  It means identifying trends over time, and dissecting those trends into sub-trends.  Data also includes external data, such as demographic information.  The more fully you understand the current dimensions of your activity, the more accurately and effectively you can change, increase, and re-direct activity.

“Goal driven” means that specific goals are developed that will meet financial and missional objectives.  Goals are not limited to overall numbers of participants, but include detailed sub-goals, so that marketing efforts can be highly directed.

We offer a strategic approach

Developing a marketing plan requires attention to detail, imagination, and insight.  Components of a plan include:

  • Data analysis, including GIS (Geographical Information Systems) analysis or location analytics;
  • Writing a marketing “case” statement – the basics of why a person or group would choose to participate, what’s unique about you and what you do, and what you do extremely well that sets you apart;
  • Establishing goals, sub-goals, and the metrics by which the success of the plan will be measured;
  • Designing the key elements of relationship building and issuing effective invitations;
  • Direction and support for the development of materials (printed and electronic);
  • Creating systems for cultivating leads and prospects.