Annual Giving

An Intentional Approach

Annual giving supports your organization by supplementing your annual operating budget.  This work is a critical part of your overall development program as well as providing necessary revenue for ordinary expenses.  There are many options available for inviting annual funds, and a sound strategy can help insure that your efforts are effective and help accomplish long term fund development goals.  Invitations at this level can provide entry points for new donors.  Well-crafted approaches to annual giving can bring donors to the point of being ready to consider supporting larger efforts, such as special project funding, capital campaigns, or planned giving.

Accurate and Detailed Analysis

Run River uses resources available from the Association of Fundraising Professionals “Fundraising Effectiveness Project” to analyze patterns of giving. See more at: Fundraising Effectiveness Project.

Analysis of patterns of giving allows a development plan to be based on reducing the losses in a donor system and increasing the gains.  Losses refer to donors whose giving declines or donors who stop giving.  Gains are donors who increase their giving and new donors.  Once gains and losses are identified and understood, strategies can be put in place which meet  specific goals for decreasing losses and increasing gains.  This can create significant growth in donor revenue.

Developing strategies

When current patterns of giving are understood and there is clarity around donor goals, strategies can be crafted to reach those goals.  Once benchmarks toward achieving the goals are identified, and the means for tracking success are put in place, then accountability processes can be established and implemented.