Marketing starts with relationship

Posted February 10, 2016 by Pam Harris

While all of your marketing materials (like brochures and websites) should be of the highest quality, and should reflect the care and attention that is offered to campers and guests, the marketing initiatives that truly bear fruit are focused on relationships – building trust with people, earning the right to invite their participation by listening to them, and then inviting them to become involved

For example, “It sounds like you are trying to help the youth at your church to bond together.  Retreats for youth groups at our center have proven to be very effective in cementing group relationships.  Why don’t we see if there’s a weekend open that might work for your group, and, while your group is deciding, we can have a retreat penciled in? What do you say?”

Relationship marketing is not one strategy, but a set of strategies.  Such strategies are not completed by generic announcements through the mail, the internet, or even social media.  Announcements via posters and brochures are not enough.  Addressing non-profits at group meetings is insufficient.  Relationship building is required.  We have to get to know people, and they have to trust us, before we can effectively invite them to plan a retreat at our site.  This is a process that involves time and work, and it is worth it.

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