Board Development

A healthy, well-functioning board is arguably the most fundamental component of a flourishing nonprofit.  A strong board can effectively address any other shortcomings in an organization, but few things can overcome a board which is floundering.  While an organization may survive on momentum for a while, it won’t be capable of moving forward in a sustained, strategic way with a board that is not functioning well.

There are multiple aspects of Board Development.  One important piece is information related to Board responsibilities and roles.  However, information by itself is insufficient to help a group move forward or work together in new ways.

A strong board requires members who are capable of long range and strategic thinking, as well as  structures and systems that are designed for success.  A Board Development project can identify specific ways for your Board (or Committee) to grow and improve its functioning.   Board Development projects are uniquely crafted for your situation and use multiple assessment tools.  Such projects provide leadership, working retreats, direct support for leaders, and ongoing monitoring to help you set and meet goals for stronger, healthier governance.