Increasing Organizational Capacity

Realize your Potential

Your organization has a lot of good work to do!  You have a great mission, an inspiring vision and so much to offer.  A lot depends upon the ability of your organization to deliver on its promises and reach its full potential.  That’s where “organizational capacity ” comes in.

Increasing organizational capacity is the work of helping your organization to be able to accomplish what it says it intends to do.  Organizational development looks at the systems, the structures, and the processes that make possible the work that fulfills your purpose.  It assesses the factors that determine effectiveness and evaluates the strength of these factors.

For all organizations in all situations

Organizational development work is not just for organizations that are struggling or who believe themselves to be deficient in some way.  Organizations which are strong can discover new ways to grow, and organizations which are fundamentally healthy can nearly always benefit from improving certain functions.

Projects typically include aspects of board development, coaching for staff members, review of data and information systems, and team building.  Because a nonprofit organization is a complex of systems, these pieces are combined in various ways to create the project that meets the needs of the particular organization.