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Run River Enterprises offers five different retreat experiences that help groups to deal with the essential issues of Christian leadership and living in today's world:

simplifying the inner and outer life;

surrendering in our life with God;

recovering our essential relationship with the earth;


Falling to the Ground reaches into the spirituality of relinquishment. Yielding to God's will is the underlying spiritual stance that prepares the congregation for spiritual discernment.


Habits of the Soul is a retreat which explores the classic pattern of spiritual growth and renewal: work, prayer, worship and community.


Celtic Spirituality for Christians is based upon the tradition of the Gospel of St. John reflecting a spirituality that God's heartbeat is heard in all that God has created.


Native American Spirituality shares the spiritual gifts that Native American people have offered to the Christian community.


Creation and Spirit follows the stream that begins in the Psalms and leads to a new hope for the land as part of God's sacred earth.


Seeking and Doing God's Will: Discernment for the Community of Faith (Nashville, TN: Discipleship Resources, 1998) A practical guide for leading spiritual discernment decision making in the community of faith.


Moons of Winter (Tully, NY: Run River Enterprises, 1998) Stories of growing up and finding the spirit of the mountains. Set in Northern New York and the Adirondacks.


Special Projects

Leaven in the Loaf is an exploration of the formation of lay spiritual leadership in the church.


Seize the Hope searches for the key factors that lead to health and growth in camping and retreat ministries in United Methodism.



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