Renewing the Heart of your Organization


bulletLeading through Vision

The true leader of the organization is the holder of the vision. RRE can help your organization to recover vision -- that image of its future that has the power to beckon the group forward. The method that we offer promises more than a document -- it brings renewal to the group and a recovery of its passion for the calling of the organization.


Team Formation

Effective mission in the 21st century will be accomplished through teams. Healthy teams and committees serve each other and, in so doing, strengthen the organization. Teams require different leadership skills from committees and boards.

RRE offers assistance to organizations that want to implement team ministry, increase productivity for staff and volunteers and improve the satisfaction that participants enjoy.


Structural Renewal

You may be facing the issue of structural renewal because of the need to face fiscal pressures, to increase productivity, or to organize around a renewed mission or vision. There needs to be an internal congruence between the mission of an organization and the way it orders its life. Restructuring is best accomplished with an eye for this growing internal integrity.

RRE can guide you through the development of an appropriate structure for the future. This includes the governing board, executive staff and support staff configuration and member, volunteer and client relationships.


Administrative Services

You may wish to outsource administrative services during a period of organizational restructure or major staff reorganization. We can provide interim administrative support. We can also provide administrative services by the project, for example, an edition of a newsletter that comes at a particularly busy time of year for your office staff.




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