Seeking God's Will

a pattern for Spiritual Discernment


Basic Pattern of Spiritual Discernment

The foundation of spiritual discernment is that God has a will for the life of the congregation or conference, and desires to make that will known. The basic pattern of spiritual discernment proceeds through six movements, and employs skills of faith sharing, story telling, as well as new ways of employing Scripture and prayer.

The way we "do business" can be transforming for the church that moves beyond parliamentary procedure into decision making in a worshipful setting. Run River Enterprises offers guidance in leading a group through a spiritual discernment process, to decisions which are both spiritually motivating and organizationally sound.

Leadership in Discernment

In a three day retreat setting, leaders can be prepared to guide a group through the process of spiritual discernment.

This process can be employed by small groups, congregations and annual conferences in session.

Discernment as a way of Entering the Future

God has a dream both for the church's life together in Christ and for its mission. John 17 calls us to make decisions in such a manner that we come into the presence of God, become one in God's love, and so bear witness to the unity of God in the world.

God has a dream for our church and yearns to reveal it to us. Spiritual discernment is the way we open our hearts together to receive that dream.




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