Announcing: Core Process Planningsm

    Knowing that a large number of Christian camps and retreat ministries are facing unprecedented challenges related to marketing and fiscal viability, we have developed a new project called, “Core Process Planning.”  As a strategic planning process, it is similar to Master Planning, but with some key differences.

    Core Process Planning focuses on the aspects of Program Development, Targeted Marketing and Financial Viability, and the interrelatedness of those dimensions.  They are “core” because they are fundamental to your ministry.  They are processes, because they are “systems in motion.”  A CPP project will enable your ministry to examine, at a deep level, how well your program, marketing, and operations currently serve the vision of your ministry, and to develop creative, viable, and practical plans for the future.

    This process offers extensive assessment of your current operation.  It includes geographic/demographic (GIS based) and statistical analysis of your participation and financial data.  This thorough assessment is fundamental to creative redesign of your processes for a stronger future.

    A CPP differs from a Master Plan in that it involves only a small level of site and facility planning.  It does not include architectural services, and offers site/facility commentary only as it directly affects the ability of the ministry to fulfill its programmatic and financial goals.

                                                 Master Planning............................................................................. Core Process Planning

   Above all, CPP is a faith process – it is a way of offering to God our best work in fulfilling the ministry to which He calls us.

“Core Process Planning” is right for you if:

·         you have a current master site plan which is serving your ministry well, but your program, marketing, and operations plans need to be updated;

·         you have critical needs in areas of finance and marketing which must be addressed outside of your normal Board and staff gatherings;

·         your organization does not currently have the resources to invest in a full Master Plan (CPP projects are about 60% of the cost of a Master Plan).

If your ministry is interested in either a Master Planning process, or Core Process Planning, we would be pleased to talk with you.  You can contact us through the link below, or send an e-mail to (you will need to clear our spam blocker).


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